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Services / Rooms

  • Student residence Can Feliu del Cantó has 5 individual rooms and 4 shared rooms.
  • Apart from that, we have different communal areas, like the kitchen and dining area, the laundry room and the washrooms.

Kitchen and dining area

Communal areas

  • Every resident has one pigeonhole in the fridge and another on in the freezer, one drawer and one small cupboard in the kitchen.
  • Communal resources to be shared are: microwave, kitchen, kitchen stove, kitchen ware, TV, table and chairs.
  • In order to keep the communal areas clean and tidy, students have to organize the cleaning by themselves.
  • The company provides twice a week a cleaning service.


  • In order to wash and dry the clothes, the students have access to the washing machine, spin dryer and laundry room and a small terrace.
  • In order to use the washing machine and the spin dryer, it is required to have a token provided by the residence administration that costs 1,50€.

Washing rooms

  • The residence has two washrooms; each for every floor.
  • These communal facilities are provided for all residents.