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In order to formalize the contract please follow these steps:

  • Get in contact with the administration of the student residence to make sure if there are places left.
  • Transfer the deposit of 450€ to the following bank account: Nacional (for residents in Spain): 2100-2720-11-0200015512 – La Caixa.
  • From abroad (residents from a foreign country): IBAN ES04-2100-2720-1102-0001-5512 – recipient: Can Feliu S.L. – SWIFT Code: caixesbbxxx
  • It is important to indicate the name and surname of the person who transferred the deposit.
  • The deposit will be returned after the resident has left the room and after a short revision of the room.
  • After the arrival of the resident, the contract will be signed and the keys will be handed over.
  • Once the deposit is paid, the resident has a reservation. If the student leaves before the annual training course ends (until June), the deposit will not be returned.
Download the contract